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Because of Don's impeccable talent and professionalism, my songs took on a whole new dimension. I learned so much from watching him work and was amazed at how he came to know my songs so well so fast, you'd think he wrote them. I was impressed with his dedication and focus to each song and each player, making sure that each song flowed and had it's own unique flavor. Thanks, for helping me make my dream project come true with fabulous results!

Lisa Marie Baratta 


Working with Don @ DKS Productions is always exciting. Don has an amazing talent that takes any musical idea I have and incorporates it into a catchy song. You can sing or describe an idea and he can transform that very idea or feeling (that I can hear so clearly in my own head) and put it on tape. DKS Productions has provided solid professionalism to my original material. When people listen to my compositions, they cannot believe the quality and I owe that to Don and the crew.   

Clark M. Chuka, President
Music By Request


For a great product at a great price, for attention to detail, for a talented arranger, producer and musician, why go anywhere else other than to Don Turney at DKS Productions?

Stephen Morgan


Thanks to Don Turney for making it easy for me to have a good sound the moment I walked in the studio. His input and computer savy kept this recording project moving at a fast pace.
Bob Falstein


When I think of the very best pianists I know, Don Turney is easily head and shoulders above the rest. The East Bay music community is richly blessed to call him one of our own.  I have personally been honored to have Don accompany me both in live perfomances and on studio recordings of my compositions. To experience Don Turney’s  jazz, rock, blues and gospel stylings is to know true depth of soul and  artistry. 

Janèt Sullivan Whitaker

Composer, Music Minister & Recording Artist

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