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Don Turney, studio engineer

R E C O R D I N G  /  M I X I N G  /  M A S T E R I N G

       It's a known fact that great recording engineers are often excellent musicians, because they have the experience of being on both sides of the glass.  They know how to communicate to musicians on a musical level.  This is what Don brings to the table as a recording engineer.


       Some engineers have a lot of technical knowledge which is important, but an engineer who is also a professional musician is a winning combination.  In addition to studying with some of the best engineers in the business, Don refined his engineering skills by taking what he learned as a session musician and incorporating those technics in his own studio business.  Originally trained in the 80's on analog reel-to-reel tapes, Don is now known as Mr. Wizard when it comes to Computers and Music.  With experience in a huge pallet of musical styles, well over 100 albums credited as engineer, Don can improve your project during any step of the process.


       Whether it's recording soloists, tracking bands, detailed editing and pitch correction (by ear, not by Auto-tune), overdubs, mixing or mastering, just call for free advice and or booking information.


      For more specific information about the studio, you may visit

Tascam Mixing console
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