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Don Turney Composer

C O M P O S I N G 

      I'm truly blessed to be married to an insanely talented lyricist.  Sharon and I have been writing music together since we met in High School 30 years ago.  In 2009 we started a children's ministry and publishing company named KidsWorks.  It is through this publishing company that most of my compositions are heard within the Christian Children's Musical genre.  Our musicals are presented across the US, throughout Canada and as far as Australia and Zimbabwe.


      My wife is my biggest employer but I'm available for any projects that may need my skills as a composer.  From Jazz to Pop to any kind of underscoring, please contact me via the contact link above or call me directly so we can talk in person about your needs.

Music by Don Turney:

Computer Music Composition

Bay area music producer

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