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N O T A T I O N   A N D   S C O R I N G

       By utilizing Sibelius Notation software, printing out professional quality scores has now become a part of every full-time musician's skill set.  I offer this service to all of my clients.  The amount of time it takes to Score music greatly depends on what the client has to start with.  If you need charts/scores done from a CD or MP3, then a process called "transcription" needs to take place first.  This is the job of listening to the original recording and learning every note and rhythm that needs to be notated.  This can be quick for Chord charts, but painfully slow for piano performances and full orchestrations.  If the song that needs to be notated has been recorded as a MIDI arrangement, then the process to transfer that into corrected notation can be done much faster.  Click on the titles below for samples:


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